Caring for you, those in your care and the environment

Safe4 disinfectant has been specifically formulated to replace harsh and hazardous cleaning products, commonly used in the professional and domestic environment.

Our range has been extensively tested by independent laboratories and meets all regulatory and accreditation standards. Safe4 concentrate disinfectant is DEFRA approved.

If you are not using an extensively tested and accredited range of disinfection products, perhaps you should consider talking to Safe4 and becoming another satisfied and secure member of the Safe4 family...

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Veterinary & Conservation

Medical, Dental & Care

Emergency Services & Defence

Re-Homing Charities

Zoo, Aviary, Aquarium & Vivariums

Education, Hospitality & Home

Safe4 has been leading the field of disinfection control for twenty years and is proud to be helping its clients to attain the highest standards of care within their fields. Whether you are operating in the animal welfare, health or public utility you will find peace of mind and confidence by becoming a member of the Safe4 family. If you feel you could benefit from our range of products and would like to take advantage of our on-site training and product support services why not contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Why Choose Safe4

Dan CiesielskiDan CiesielskiSayenchi Chihuahua's
We did a LOT of research into different companies and products before we decided to choose yourselves, with many positive comments from friends who are professional dog breeders, handlers etc....Your products are fantastic, we recommend them on our website and to every new puppy buyer that purchases a chihuahua from ourselves.Thank you again for your wonderful range of items and we will certainly continue to do business with you, Keep up the great work!
I received 2 samples of ready to use safe4 disinfectant (very useful not having to dilute). I have used it all round the house and on various fabrics with no problem. My interest in approaching your reps at BSAVA was that the product has a label for Microsporum and Trichophyton. Safe4 in my view is an obvious choice when advising owners of pets how to decontaminate the house and environment after having a pet suffer from ringworm
We use this at our ferret shows where hand washing and cross contamination may be a problem, great product and smells lovely
We use Safe4 here and it's not just that it's a great disinfectant and range of products... it's the whole experience of dealing with Safe4, the staff are lovely and knowledgeable and they really care about what is best for their clients
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