Dear customers and furry friends 


We’ve made some changes to our packs of products. This includes getting rid of some of the less popular packs and making improvements to the packs that were most popular. The changes are based around adding and removing certain products from the packs and lowering or raising the price.  We’ve added a 1L animal Laundry liquid to our complete pack and raised the price of it slightly. We’ve removed gloves from both the quarantine pack and hand pack and lowered the prices dramatically. We’ve gotten rid of the product pack and the compliance pack. We’ve renamed the promo pack as the compliance pack but kept it’s price and contents the same.

For more information visit: Packs

* If you have a particular preference for the product pack and or the old compliance pack if you give us a call on 01606591900 and we’ll send one out to you. 


Finally, we’ve created an offer based on a new pack called the Choice Pack. This new pack is based on ordering any 25L disinfectant concentrate container and then choosing any 5L container of your choice of the following products, Laundry Liquid,  Bacterial Handscrub, Odour Killer concentrate and Hand Sanitiser ( Alcohol free ) . This pack has free delivery, we will absorb the delivery charge every time you purchase it.  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 

Choice Pack


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