Working in the industry of biosecurity, animal and human welfare is always our primary concern. We often hear cases of animals being sick and needing our help. When an animal has an infection there are two primary considerations, the first is to ensure that the disease doesn’t spread to other animals including humans and the second is to make the sick animal’s housing as clean and fresh as possible to kill the virus/bacteria etc thus speeding recovery.

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, we had a call from one of our customers who had an animal with a contagious disease who was coming into rescue. The customer was in desperate need of some of our disinfectant and other biosecurity products but was more than 300 miles away from us. We stopped in our tracks and prioritised this animal’s and customer’s needs. The animal was arriving in rescue at 10.30a.m and the goods were required before that time.

The soonest the courier could deliver the order was 12.00 AM.

As this was an urgent case, a member of our staff stopped what they were doing, took a 900ml disinfectant to the post office so that it could be sent right away. This was sent on a before 9 am next day delivery with the rest of the order to follow by courier and arrive by 12.00 today

We were very relieved to know that before 9AM of today (less than 16 hours) our customer had signed for the delivery and we knew that they had what they needed to stop the spread of the disease, the animal’s quarters were ready for its arrival and all quarantine measures necessary were in place.

If you ever have an emergency and desperately need our products, please call us immediately so that we can arrange to have our products delivered to you as quickly as possible, or better still, always keep a quarantine pack in stock.

Quarantine Pack done - Copy

Follow the link below for more information about our Quarantine pack.


Quarantine Pack