This new regulation came into force on October 1st of 2018 and many of our friends who are required to renew their license to work in different aspects including animals such as the sale or care of different animals will be interested to be informed about it. More information on this act and how it… Read more »

At Safe4 we always welcome regulations in the animal biosecurity industry that are there to improve the safety of animals, safety of the staff using the products, the environmental effects of using biosecurity products and provide more guarantees to people who need to use these products that what manufacturers claim the products are effective against… Read more »

  Most laundry liquids that are available in supermarkets are around £3-4 per litre but there’s good reasons our Laundry Liquid concentrate is better than that laundry liquid and better suited for the animal industry. In a nutshell, ours don’t contain phosphates or phosphonates, ours is PH neutral whereas others tend to be Alkaline, ours… Read more »

What is an enzyme?   Enzymes speed up chemical reactions. Most of them are proteins and can be found within living organisms, inside cells. They can make chemical reactions that would normally take millions of years, occur in just milliseconds.       Typical enzymes can be categorized into four main groups: Proteases: break down… Read more »

Hands and Biosecurity   Hands are the human tools with which we perform most of our tasks. If you think about the many different objects we pick up or touch with our hands during the day such as door handles, pens and the activities we perform like hand shaking, eating and preparing food and of course,… Read more »

Our friends from Australia have their new sign up! Doesn’t it look great?   To visit their website go to