This new regulation came into force on October 1st of 2018 and many of our friends who are required to renew their license to work in different aspects including animals such as the sale or care of different animals will be interested to be informed about it.

More information on this act and how it may apply to you can be found on the following link ->  The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018

Safe4 is experienced in biosecurity training, compliance and manufacturing products for animal biosecurity this new legislation is something that we’ve been preparing for. Animal biosecurity is just what we do!

Fortunately for all of our friends, we’re always available to advise on biosecurity and all of our products are compliant with this new regulation. We wanted to share with you a positive inspection that one of our customers had from a vet regarding The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 recently. Our customer had zero problems regarding the inspection and we were thrilled to find out about it. We wanted to share the email our customer shared with us and let all of our customers know that if they use our products and follow our advice on biosecurity they will have no problems renewing their license. These regulations are meant to keep animals safe which is an objective we all want.

In our customer’s words:

” As you know, the welfare of animals act came into force on 1st oct regarding licensing catteries.

Part of this is an unnanounced inspection by a vet to examine the systems I use for Hygiene and cleaning methods and the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

At 08.30 monday morning last week a Vet arrived at my door to inspect me!

She didnt say much as I showed her the utility room with my rack of safe4 products… and the file of COSH statements to go with them,

She looked at my file of your updates and newsletters, and then went to the cattery.  She didnt say a word as I asked her to clean her hands using my safe4 wall mounted hand cleaning dispenser.

She walked through the cattery but returned straight away and said she didn’t need to look further as she was very happy with my methods and stated that she also used Safe4 products, so she knew I was up to date with the latest products and developments. ( she noticed I also had your wipes in my pocket ready to walk the dogs in the alabama rot ) and said she will also do the same when she walks her dog in future.

today I got a glowing letter from her for my file stating that my methods and materials “greatly fulfill the requirements for the licence  yippeee !

so I thought I would  give you some feedback to pass on,and you can drive home through the fog and grime with a smile on your face !.

well done Safe4 . !

If you would like advice on these inspections and or this new regulation please call 01606591900 to speak to us or email [email protected]